About BlackVector

BlackVector is the vision of a partially self-performing General Contractor, driven by a constant search for a better way of doing things. BlackVector’s solutions and processes have been guided and designed by Construction Engineers, experienced in self-performing certain construction tasks, yet operating as a General Contractor. Therefore, our solution is suitable to both Specialty Contractors and General Contractors.

Our team consists of Construction Professionals that work in conjunction with experienced System Developers. We have experienced the challenges faced on complex construction projects and have spent years working towards creating the right processes and solutions to these recurring issues.

We have a unrelenting quest to drive out inefficiencies and have created BlackVector with a vision of being the only solution you need to manage your construction projects, avoiding having to key and track information in multiple systems. We believe you will find everything you need with this system, however, our team understands that each client is unique and may request a specific functionality tailored to their needs. Feel free to reach out to us if this is the case so we can jointly explore your requirements and further discuss how we can help by adding a “Tailor-Made” solution.