The Role of Trade Partners in Commercial Construction

Large, sprawling commercial projects tend to involve many different teams, each filling their own important role. From the initial planning and budgeting stages, all the way through to signing off on a completed project, staying on top of every element involved is the key to keeping a project running on time and within budget. As projects grow in size and complexity, so does the importance of having the right tools to manage all the moving parts. Trade partners are often an essential part of this equation.

Finding the Right Trade Partners 

Often, a large project will require bringing on one or more subcontractors to complete specific tasks or fill in gaps where the primary team needs support. These subcontractors can bring specialized knowledge, tools, and manpower. At the same time, including them adds another layer of complexity to the project in addition to basic concerns like budget and logistics. 

However, finding the right trade partners can allow you to take on all kinds of challenges—even if they may involve aspects that fall outside of your particular expertise. While general contractors should have a working understanding of what a project needs, knowing when to bring in a specialist is key to producing excellence every time.

Even hiring these subcontractors can present a challenge, with each one offering a different balance of expertise, abilities, and budget consciousness. Creating bid packages, sending invitations, and tracking the bid process are all essential parts of securing the right trade partners. While important, these can take time away from other aspects of planning your projects. 

Avoiding Pitfalls

Keeping track of all the moving pieces in a commercial construction project can be especially challenging. Without clear, proactive management, a project can quickly go off the rails. Important elements of the job, like ensuring that supplies are paid for and arrive on time, can fall through the cracks as other pressing concerns come up each day and monopolize the attention of project managers. 

Losing track of essential factors can not only drive up costs and take extra time, leading to unsatisfied clients, it can also eat into a contractor’s own profit margins. With many contractors still using old-fashioned, manual processes to plan and track their goals and progress, it’s all too easy for costly mistakes to go overlooked until it’s too late. 

Working Smoothly

Construction industry leaders that utilize advanced construction management software can manage planning, employees, and subcontractors anytime, anywhere. This allows them to thrive with cloud-based software created specifically for construction industry professionals. 

The key to ensuring things never get away from you is having the right partners to help you get the job done. General contractors and trade partners can work more smoothly with BlackVector’s industry-leading construction management software, even on complex commercial projects. 

BlackVector’s goal is to be the only solution you need to manage your construction projects, avoiding having to key and track information in multiple systems. Our unrelenting quest to drive out inefficiency means that our system is optimized to meet all of your needs. We also understand that some clients may require tailor-made solutions and are always ready to discuss your specific needs. 

Want to know how BlackVector can take your project management to the next level? Contact us, and find out how we can help you on your next construction job. 

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