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The Most Important Features of Pre-Construction Software

The best construction projects all start with the right foundation, which means more than just the physical structure of the building. The process truly begins when general contractors start their pre-construction planning.

This phase requires close management of many details, documents, and teams. If not handled carefully, pre-construction can quickly become a black hole of time and resources. Fortunately, there are now pre-construction software tools specifically designed to simplify and streamline project planning.

When you have the support of the right software, you can create thorough and accurate plans that set the project up for success before your workers ever break ground. So if you’re ready to improve your planning process, choose pre-construction software that will support your workflow with the following qualities.

The Ability to Create Work Packages

The first step to creating a cohesive plan for each construction project is to develop a work package. This should include project details for every team you’ll need for the job so that potential partners can accurately and knowledgeably take on the work.

To start each project on the right foot, pre-construction software should offer the ability to build and integrate work packages quickly and efficiently. Your ideal pre-construction software should also make it easy for you to share this information with multiple team members, preferably with accessible cloud technology, to ensure everyone stays on the same page.

Features to Request and Compare Bids

Once you’ve built out your work packages, it’s time to assemble the crew for the job. Depending on the scope of your project, this may include multiple trade partner teams. While sourcing and examining subcontractor bids has historically been time-consuming and labor-intensive, choosing the right pre-construction software can greatly ease this pain point. Look for software tools that empower you to build, request, and compare trade partner bids all on the same platform. This will erase friction from your bidding process and help you progress swiftly to the next task.

Easy Estimate Building

When developing estimates, precision is of the utmost importance. Accurate estimates allow you to determine whether or not a project is realistic early on and create a map for the way it should unfold. That’s why it’s in your best interest to choose pre-construction software that simplifies the estimating process with customizable assemblies and agile data analytics that can be sorted and extracted however you need them.

Estimates should include everything from materials and labor hours to subcontractor quotes. So, in addition to convenient estimate building, check your pre-construction software for features like the ability to add trade partner bids to your estimate in a single click.

Trade Partner Tracking

The partnerships you form over time support you in your quest to complete each project efficiently. So the most valuable and effective pre-construction software will enable you to keep track of which subcontractors are the most reliable and begin projects with the right partnerships in place.

Ultimately, your trade partners should not only possess the skill and expertise necessary to bring a construction project to life but should also have a demonstrated history of commitment, accurate bidding, and meeting deadlines. By providing a place to keep notes on any metric considered valuable to your firm, trade partner tracking ensures you hold onto your most rewarding business relationships.

Pre-Construction Software to Improve Your Workflow

In-depth planning will ensure that, when it’s finally time to begin a project, everything proceeds as smoothly as possible. If you’re interested in improving your processes with pre-construction software, consider implementing BlackVector today.

Our Pre-Construct module ticks all the boxes with features that allow you to easily build work packages, compare and integrate subcontractor bids, use data analytics to perfect your estimate, track your best partners, and much more. Even create custom sub-assemblies to quickly account for special labor or equipment crews.

BlackVector is the ultimate project planning solution, made by construction experts to meet the unique needs of industry professionals. Our proprietary modules streamline administrative tasks so your team can focus on delivering work that’s always up to standard and always on time.

Are you ready to plan effectively? Contact BlackVector today to learn more about our revolutionary project management platform.

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