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Overcoming Challenges as a Commercial General Contractor

Any construction project demands close management for its many moving parts. But even more so, commercial general contractors face unique challenges when coordinating their projects, which can encompass a vast array of facilities from office buildings and retail centers to schools and restaurants.

Often built with high specificity and at a large scale, commercial construction projects are quite robust. As such, commercial contractors need access to modern technology that enables them to efficiently and effectively handle a wide range of projects. If you’re struggling with the challenges below, consider implementing modern solutions to empower your project management.

Challenges Facing Commercial General Contractors

Size and Scope of Projects

Commercial construction projects are often much larger and more complex than other projects. For instance, building a single-family home is relatively straightforward compared to constructing an expansive shopping center. And the more complicated the project, the more details there are to track, and the more opportunities arise for errors. To maintain close oversight of commercial projects, it’s important that project management is as organized and streamlined as possible.

Bigger Teams

Project scope isn’t only about square footage. If you’re a commercial general contractor, you’re aware that projects of this nature require a wide range of subcontractors and specialized teams to get the job done right. However, large workforces increase the likelihood of miscommunication, conflict, and costly delays. That’s why it’s important that contractors leverage cloud-based management tools that enable them to quickly share critical documents and maintain clear communication between team members in both the office and the field.

Stricter Timelines

The timeline is a focal point for any construction project, but compared to residential builds, commercial projects are more likely to fall under scrutiny from investors and stakeholders who want to know that everything is on schedule. So, from the start, commercial contractors must develop a realistic timeline and avoid delays wherever possible. This means minimizing errors to prevent setbacks, efficiently accommodating change orders, and cutting out time-wasting busywork.

Tools like BlackVector simplify this process by streamlining tasks like bidding and trade partner management, enabling accessible tracking for change orders, and making your project’s administrative information available from anywhere, so no details fall through the cracks.

Better Management for Your Commercial Construction Projects

Managing the intricacies of a commercial construction project can be challenging for even the most seasoned contractors. Luckily, there are modern construction management platforms like BlackVector, which allows any type of general contractors to handle each part of the construction process, from cost estimation to project management and collaboration.

With the Pre-Construct module, general contractors can easily create estimates, even requesting and comparing subcontractor bids which can be tied into that estimate seamlessly. This data moves smoothly into the integrated Project Manager module, where commercial contractors can monitor vital processes like change orders, submittals, cost control, and progress reports to drive profit and keep the project on track.

For commercial construction, BlackVector is the ultimate project management solution. Made by construction experts to meet the unique needs of industry professionals, our proprietary modules streamline administrative tasks so your team can focus on delivering work that’s always up to standard and always on time.

Want to learn more? Contact BlackVector today to find out how our revolutionary project management tool can help take your firm to the next level.

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