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3 Tasks Made Easier with the Right Construction Software

Traditional methods of storing and tracking project details with manual data entry and piles of paperwork are woefully outdated for the needs of the construction industry — and contractors are tired of drowning in disorganized plans. That’s why over 57% of construction industry professionals have transitioned to using construction management software. Modern technology allows contractors to work with the utmost efficiency and communicate with their entire team with the touch of a button. 

With the right tools, construction professionals can optimize their internal processes while increasing their productivity. There are even construction apps designed by industry professionals, so construction companies can effectively manage budgeting, project estimation, team management, and communication processes with a single cohesive system. Specifically, here are three valuable ways the right construction software can streamline your workflow.

1. Developing Project Bids

Creating and sending construction bids can be complex and time-consuming. After identifying which trades are necessary to complete the project, you will need to contact subcontractors available for the work, sift through bids to choose the right partner, and compile your total estimate.

Modern construction management software enables general contractors to expedite this process. Tools like Pre-Construct from BlackVector allow you to quickly create work packages, request and compare multiple subcontractor bids, compile your project estimate, and transition the details from successful bids straight into the build stage. You can even track your favorite subcontractors using the Trade Partner Scorecard feature, making it easy to assemble the perfect team for your next bid.

2. Sharing Project Details

Simple miscommunications can cause significant issues over the course of a construction project. In order to reduce the occurrence of delays, misunderstandings, or costly errors, construction industry professionals need tools that promote simple and straightforward communication among teams.

With well-designed project management software, contractors can view and manage information using intuitive dashboards. Modern construction apps like BlackVector also make project details available to workers via the cloud, so it’s accessible both in-office or on the jobsite. This can include vital documents, such as submittals and change orders, which are easily managed in BlackVector’s Project Manager module.

When project managers, superintendents, and the entire team can quickly find the information they need, it will enhance the overall quality of each project and keep it running smoothly from start to finish.

3. Managing Trade Partners

Construction projects are composed of many moving parts and team members, so it can be challenging to track progress across each project goal. Often, regular subcontractor check-ins end up with endless back-and-forth phone calls or confusing email chains.

BlackVector’s Project Manager module untangles this process by empowering trade partners to access relevant project information and create progress reports for your approval. Everything is simplified, organized, and available in one convenient place, so you can stop chasing down subcontractors and focus on more important tasks.

Streamline Your Construction Project with BlackVector

BlackVector is the ultimate project management solution, made by construction experts to meet the unique needs of industry professionals. BlackVector’s proprietary modules streamline your administrative tasks so your team can focus on delivering work that’s always up to standard and always on time.

Ready to eliminate pain points and support steady growth through your construction projects? Contact BlackVector today to learn more about our revolutionary project management tool and how it can help take your firm to the next level.

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