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Eliminate the Pain Points in Your Construction Tracking

The construction industry is poised for a boom, with economists predicting a “very busy” outlook. However, competition for these jobs is also growing stronger by the day. For construction companies to remain competitive, they must overcome common management pain points to deliver top-tier service and results.

Are friction and inefficiencies in your construction tracking are holding you back? Let’s discuss common pain points in the industry and tools you can leverage to eliminate these roadblocks to success.

The Primary Pain Points in Construction Tracking

Manual Processes, Data Entry, and Reconciliation

Surveys from TrackVia found that almost half of construction managers capture necessary jobsite data manually, while one-third continue to use a pen and paper to track data. So even if construction professionals are passionate about delivering exceptional results, they may be undermined by manual processes that are woefully outdated, time-consuming, and can easily create more problems than they solve.

You may be accustomed to an “old-school” approach, but manual data entry often leads to inaccurate or missing project information, especially when data must be re-entered at multiple points or in multiple systems. This creates opportunities for inconsistencies and human error, which in turn cause project delays, conflict, and subpar results.

Disjointed Communications

Clear, succinct communication is a crucial component of accurate construction tracking. Frequent miscommunications can severely impact the workflow and completion of a project by causing confusion for stakeholders, contractors, and workers in the field. Surveys suggest that construction professionals spend over 14 hours a week on non-productive tasks — such as correcting mistakes that could have been prevented with proper communication tracking, or searching for project data lost in an old email chain or call notes.

Siloed Data

The partner of disjointed communications, data silos can cause significant issues throughout a construction project. A project’s workforce often includes multiple teams and trade partners scattered across offices and worksites. If vital project data is not made broadly available to each relevant group, valuable information can easily be misconstrued or lost, leading to costly project delays and errors.

Modern Solutions for Industry Pain Points

Construction professionals have been dealing with these pain points in their project tracking for years. Now, with the assistance of industry-specific construction management software, project teams can finally eliminate unnecessary speed bumps on their road to efficiency, productivity, and success.

With the Pre-Construct module from BlackVector, you can get your project off on the right track and reduce manual processes from the start. For example, create estimates and budgets that can be seamlessly integrated into your project’s build stage without data loss or manual re-entry.

Meanwhile, BlackVector’s Project Manager module mitigates issues stemming from poor communication and data silos by using cloud technology, enabling team members at any location to keep track of crucial details like change orders, progress reports, and submittals. BlackVector’s technology solutions also help keep your trade partners in the loop, from the bid request capabilities in Pre-Construct to subcontractors’ ability to submit progress reports in Project Manager.

With tools to facilitate and clarify your construction tracking at every project stage. BlackVector’s project management platform can tackle your pain points and help your team deliver top-quality results.

Streamline Your Construction Project with BlackVector

BlackVector is the ultimate project management solution, made by construction experts to meet the unique needs of industry professionals. BlackVector’s proprietary modules streamline your administrative tasks so your team can focus on delivering work that’s always up to standard and always on time.

Ready to eliminate pain points and support steady growth through your construction projects? Contact BlackVector today to learn more about our revolutionary project management tool and how it can help take your firm to the next level.

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