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How to Manage Projects Better as a Specialty Contractor

There are over forty specific trades within the construction industry, and each sector requires a high level of education, specialized expertise, and experience — even greater than that of a general contractor. While general contractors require the vision to manage the completion of an entire construction project, specialty contractors must hyper-focus on completing a specific task.

To ensure the successful completion of a construction project, specialty contractors and general contractors must collaborate and communicate effectively. Let’s discuss the most common challenges that specialty contractors encounter and cutting-edge solutions to manage these issues effectively.

The Project Needs of a Specialty Contractor

Although specialty contractors are responsible for a singular, specific task, their success is highly dependent on their ability to work with general contractors. Specialty contractors are subject to constant changes in the schedule and scope of the project, as dictated by general contractors and other trade partners.

In managing their portions of a project, specialty contractors face often face challenges such as:

  • Availability and Retainment of Labor: Especially now, in the midst of widespread labor shortages, it is incredibly challenging for specialty contractors to find skilled workers. Because their tasks typically require niche expertise, subcontractors spend a higher percentage of their business costs on labor than general contractors. And in the current market, the low supply of workers increases the cost of labor even further.
  • Detailed Estimates: Managing a construction project can become chaotic because it involves many moving parts. When there are many teams on one project, miscommunication is a common occurrence. However, there is no room for miscommunications or inaccuracies when it comes to project estimates. General contractors want specialty contractor estimates that are detailed, correct, and realistically achievable.
  • Ongoing Reporting and Documentation: Specialty contractors must continually touch base with general contractors with updates and progress reports, documenting everything from materials used and value of work completed to potential delays. Without these reports, specialized teams may find themselves running over their estimated budget and endangering general contractor partnerships.

Modern Solutions to Mitigate Each Challenge

With the right technology, you can manage your responsibilities as a specialty contractor with efficiency and ease. BlackVector is cutting-edge construction management software that can address the many pain points that subcontractors experience and streamline each project from start to finish. 

With the tools in BlackVector’s Pre-Construct module, specialty contractors can easily set goals for each of their dedicated teams. Pre-Construct’s Estimator feature allows specialty contractors to establish productivity KPIs, evaluate daily costs, and ensure accurate estimates that keep your general contractor partners happy while providing achievable and rewarding goals for your crew.

Once work gets underway, these project details all segue seamlessly into the Project Manager module without any data loss or need for reentry. Here, specialty contractors can track the ongoing progress of every task to make sure their portion of the project is within budget and on-track for completion. These early insights empower specialty contractors to take action before small roadblocks become major issues, creating an agile and efficient workflow.

Manage Your Projects Easily with BlackVector

BlackVector is the ultimate project management solution made by construction experts to meet the unique needs of industry professionals. BlackVector’s proprietary modules streamline your administrative tasks so your team can focus on delivering high-quality work that’s always up to standard and always on time.

BlackVector developed our suite of integratable modules to help you effectively handle the intricacies of each project. No one-size-fits-all tool, our construction-specific project management system was created by a partnership of knowledgeable system developers and construction professionals who have a profound, insider’s understanding of the industry. Crafted to address construction management’s most common pain points, BlackVector is the comprehensive solution you’ve been waiting for.

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