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How to Execute Each Change Order Flawlessly

When it comes to construction projects, change orders are a necessary part of the process and must be handled skillfully. If a change order goes wrong, your company may suffer from delays, cost overruns, and damaged partnerships — especially if a mishandled change order results in a dispute. In the construction sector, disputes can be costly. As stated in the 2020 Global Construction Disputes Report, the global average value of disputes is over $30 million, with disputes lasting for an average of 15 months.

So, how can you set your team up to successfully pivot and accommodate changes to your project? By prioritizing three necessary steps to enacting any change order, and by leveraging cutting-edge software — created by construction professionals themselves — that will enable your company to execute each change order flawlessly.

How to Properly Accommodate a Change Order

  1. Clarify. When a change order first comes through, the most important initial step is to make sure you understand the new parameters. A clear and concise change order can prevent conflict before it occurs, but you may have to put in a little extra legwork to get all the information you need. Double and triple-check all of the documentation before proceeding with the project, and ask your client any clarifying questions that may be required. Never assume anything. An error may seem small at first, but a tiny mistake can cause months of miscommunication, frustration, and delays, so be precise.
  1. Communicate. The next step to set your team up for success is to communicate with each party affected by the change. Throughout the discussion, help team members understand the reasoning behind each change order and provide a clear explanation of how their portion of the project is to go on. If necessary, create an overall management plan to keep one eye on the new work and ensure it meets the scope of the change order.
  1. Document. As you and your team flesh out the details for each construction project, also be sure that every step of the change order process is documented. It is always in your company’s best interest to keep thorough and detailed documentation about any work done, along with time estimates, progress reports, and material costs. But this is especially important in regard to change orders, so you have evidence to refer back to if the client has any questions or concerns.

Manage Your Change Orders with BlackVector

When handling a change order, there are a lot of places a project can go off the rails. To keep your workflow running smoothly, leveraging the right technology can help you streamline the process. If you’re looking for an easier way to manage the communication and tracking that comes with change orders, consider implementing BlackVector for improved construction management.

BlackVector is a project management solution designed specifically with the construction industry in mind, answering your unique pain points. Not only can BlackVector’s proprietary modules help simplify administrative tasks and provide insight into your team’s performance, but this platform also empowers you to monitor project progress with automated earned value analysis. With this tool, you can always ensure that your project is on track, even as new change orders alter its scope.

Furthermore, the BlackVector management platform enables you to share relevant project data through a singular, secure channel. Whether at the job site or in the office, your entire team can access crucial project information, including change orders, submittals, progress reports, and more.


BlackVector developed our suite of integratable modules to help you effectively handle the intricacies of each project. No one-size-fits-all tool, our construction-specific project management system was created by a partnership of knowledgeable system developers and construction professionals who have a profound, insider’s understanding of the industry. 

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