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Partner with the Right Subcontractor Every Time

Completing a successful construction project can hinge on strong subcontractor partnerships. Of course, the number of subcontractors you will work with depends on the job’s complexity. But missed deadlines and costly errors can quickly ensue if your project manager does not correctly schedule tasks, build a strong relationship with subcontractors, and maintain an open line of communication with all trade partners supporting your work. 

Although general contractors often need specialists to complete their construction projects properly, managing relationships with subcontractors can be extremely time-consuming. Plus combing through your network to choose the right partner can be a double-edged sword — if your network is still limited and growing, it can be challenging to find subcontractors capable of fulfilling your needs. On the other hand, if you have access to a broad network built over years of business, it can be hard to remember which trade partners have delivered the best work in a particular niche.

When you find suitable subcontractors, it pays to cultivate long-lasting professional relationships with them. Fortunately, modern solutions for the construction industry can help make this process easy. Let’s discuss ways that you can find the right subcontractors for your construction projects and how you can leverage cutting-edge technology to partner with the best subcontractors in your network time and time again.

Finding a New Subcontractor

Sometimes, you may not already have a suitable subcontractor in mind for the job you need to fill. In the early stages of searching for a new trade partner, scour online databases to discover subcontractors in your area that have the experience that suits your needs. Pre-qualify potential candidates and obtain information regarding their scheduling, safety record, and cash flow. A suitable candidate will also be insured and bonded.

Before forming a partnership with subcontractors, perform your due diligence, and double-check that they are well-staffed. After all, you must be sure to choose a subcontractor who has the staffing to complete your job not only correctly — but also on schedule.

Once the project is underway, it’s crucial that you take the time to check in with your trade partners on a regular basis to ensure that there are no costly errors. If you get word of subpar workmanship, frequent delays, or improper construction, take note. These subcontractors won’t be your best choice as a trade partner on similar projects in the future.

Easily Manage and Score Each Subcontractor

Whatever experience you have working with a trade partner, for better or for worse, it’s in your best interest to record any information related to their performance. Having an internal record of the partnership will help you remember which subcontractors have earned your repeat business, and which should be avoided.

Fortunately, it’s simple to keep track of your subcontractors with the Pre-Construct module by BlackVector. With the Trade Partner Scorecard, you can identify your best partners, creating a robust internal reference system to pull from for future projects. So even if you’re working with a new project manager, they can quickly consult the Trade Partner Scorecard to build the best team for any job, working with subcontractors your company already knows and trusts.

Plus, BlackVector’s construction-specific project management modules have every feature you need to conveniently manage your subcontractors in a single software suite.

Use Pre-Construct’s Trade Partner Bidding feature to create work packages, request subcontractor bids, and compare estimates from trade partners to find the perfect fit for your project. Then, award work packages in BlackVector’s Project Manager module, where successful trade partners can enjoy streamlined communication with your team, access vital systems, and even create their own progress reports for your approval.

Construction Management Solutions from BlackVector

Project management involves maintaining a variety of relationships, and in the construction sector, failing to maintain relationships with subcontractors can easily contribute to missed deadlines and poor project quality.

That’s why BlackVector developed our suite of integratable modules, enabling you to effectively manage the intricacies of each project, no matter how many subcontractors are involved. BlackVector’s software solutions were designed by experienced construction engineers to address and solve your most significant pain points, while eliminating the need to track trade partners and project information across multiple, incompatible softwares.

With the convenience and industry insights built into BlackVector’s project management platform, you can ensure that your team is always set up for success with the right subcontractors on board. Ready to learn more? Contact us today to get started!

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