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Easily Track and Compare Each Subcontractor Job Bid

When you’re planning for any large building project, there are a lot of balls in the air. Not least of these is choosing the right subcontractors for specific tasks and tracking their progress to ensure your team delivers high-quality, on-time results.

In construction, project management involves a lot of networking to build relationships with clients and trade partners alike. Luckily, cutting-edge construction management technology can help you maintain open lines of communication from start to finish, easily tracking the subcontractors you partner with and all the relevant documentation for their work.

Choosing Subcontractors for Your Job Bid

Creating an accurate construction job bid is a delicate task, and part of this process includes identifying and selecting subcontractors to help you get the job done. The larger your project, the more subcontractors you will need, and the more subcontractor bids you are likely to receive. Very quickly, this can create an unmanageable amount of paperwork and administrative chaos.

BlackVector simplifies and streamlines this process with the Trade Partner Bidding feature of our Pre-Construct module. Based on our own experiences in the construction industry, this feature is designed to minimize complications by allowing you to create work packages, request subcontractor bids, and easily compare bids from your potential trade partners — all in one place. Even send this information straight to the job site through our Trade Partner Management tool.

Of course, many professionals prefer to work with trade partners they already know and respect, so they can feel confident that the work will be completed to a high standard. But the longer you work in the construction industry, the longer that list of partners becomes, and the more difficult it is to weed through your network for every project.

This is one of the reasons that BlackVector also complemented Pre-Construct with our Trade Partner Scorecard functionality. With the Scorecard, you can quickly review previous jobs and internal notes to see which firms have proven themselves to be valuable partners worth working with again.

Tracking Subcontractors Throughout Your Project

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection and chosen the right subcontractor bids to complete your project, it’s still vital to monitor progress and maintain open lines of communication among each team. During large and complex projects that employ multiple trade partners, this can become extremely time consuming.

Fortunately, BlackVector’s Project Manager module builds on the foundation of Pre-Construct to continue delivering practical trade partner solutions. Not only does this module enable you to manage all submittals and change orders from your client but it also allows you to directly award work packages to subcontractors. Through Project Manager’s Trade Partner Management functionality, those trade partners are then able to access important project data and create progress reports without the endless runaround of missed phone calls and email chains.

Streamline Your Construction Data Tracking with Black Vector

BlackVector is the subcontractor bidding and communication solution you’ve been searching for. Pre-Construct enables you to receive, compare, and track trade partner bids easily, while Project Manager seamlessly transitions each successful job bid into your project workflow.

Plus, BlackVector’s modules empower you to share detailed budget data, documentation, and project plans with your entire team using cloud technology. From selecting subcontractors to crafting and carrying out your own project bids, BlackVector has all the tools you need to compile your team and win the jobs you want.

With BlackVector’s management tools, spend less time on administrative busywork and more time completing high-impact tasks that will keep your projects focused and finished to the highest degree.

Want to find out first-hand how BlackVector can streamline your project management processes? Contact our team today to request a demo and experience the potential of software made by construction professionals for construction professionals.

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