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3 Unique Challenges of Construction Project Management

Creating a practical, detailed plan for a construction project is a delicate task. Project managers must balance the needs of stakeholders with the budget and time constraints, along with the capabilities of the workforce. To successfully create and fulfill projects, project managers must have extensive knowledge of the construction processes and the problems at each development phase.

Regarding project management, issues may arise as a result of varying perspectives between suppliers, clients, and subcontractors. Further challenges may occur as a result of government regulations or unpredictable weather conditions. However, there are tools that project managers can use to handle these challenges efficiently. Let’s expand upon three common challenges that construction project managers face and how they can address these issues to keep things running smoothly.

1. Accurately Defining Goals

Often, construction project managers must try to account for many complex variables when defining goals for each project, making the process a tricky one. However, it’s a necessary evil, as unclear objectives can cause significant issues between project managers and stakeholders. 

If stakeholders are unsure about the details of a project’s objectives, the project manager should make an effort to clarify goals and steer the build in the right direction. Ask specific questions to eliminate confusion or vagueness, and offer suggestions to continue progress toward the end goal. Early on in the project, tools like Pre-Construct will allow you to create detailed budget data and share the information with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. Time Management 

Often, stakeholders and clients have unrealistic expectations for a construction project, creating deadlines that are impossible to meet. As a result, productivity is pushed to its limits — potentially causing burnout and a decline in overall quality. As a project struggles to hit unreasonable deadlines, it can also consume extra money in the form of overtime pay, additional labor, rushed deliveries, and more, risking an inflation of the budget.

However, there are tools that you can leverage to manage your time effectively. With Pre-Construct and Project Manager modules by Black Vector, you can simplify critical administrative tasks, which will allow you to closely monitor your team’s performance and meet deadlines with ease. 

3. Managing Budget Constraints

In the construction industry, cost overruns occur frequently. The causes may vary, from client requirements, scope creep, an inaccurate design plan, or simply unforeseen circumstances. To mitigate these issues, construction project managers must address the underlying causes of cost overruns. In particular, it is better to tackle potential issues early in the project to prevent spending a higher amount later. Strategic project planning is required to manage budget constraints efficiently while ensuring that the project briefs still align with the needs of the stakeholders. That’s why BlackVector uses Earned Value to provide cost performance tracking. Earned Value gives you early insight and preventive alerts to help make sure that your projects are always on budget, no matter what issues or change orders may arise.

Overcoming Challenges with BlackVector

Project managers in the construction realm face challenges unlike any other industry, many of which are laborious and time-consuming. Fortunately, as technology advances, there are tools that project managers can leverage to streamline their workflow. Among these tools, BlackVector stands head and shoulders above the competition.

BlackVector’s software solutions were designed by experienced construction engineers to address and solve the most significant pain points in the industry. Our revolutionary project management system will help you weather the unpredictable nature of construction projects by eliminating the need to track project information using multiple, incompatible softwares. Instead, use our integrated modules to smoothly transition the vital data from your construction estimates straight into the building phase — with no human error, no data loss, and no conflicts.

With BlackVector, take the stress out of project management by making sure your plans are always current, accurate, and accessible in-office or on-site. Just contact us today to get started!

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