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How to Streamline Your Project Management Basics 

Ask any professional in the construction industry and they’ll give you a long list of pain points surrounding the minutiae of project management. So it’s no wonder that many workers are resigned to sinking excess time and effort into project management basics. After all, they’re foundational for a reason.

That said, there are ways to work smarter, not harder, in the realm of project management. With the right tools and prioritization, you can streamline your processes to deliver projects successfully, on budget, and on schedule — without cutting corners.

But what are we talking about when citing “project management basics,” and how can we handle these basics quickly and efficiently?

Defining Project Management Basics

It’s a given that each construction project will have different needs and variables that will impact your approach from the very beginning. But certain project management basics hold true regardless of the project’s details.

  • Creating and maintaining a satisfactory performance baseline: Monitoring progress toward established goals and evaluating whether the team is performing on-target to reach them successfully. This baseline should be a guidepost that your project manager can continue to reference as the project progresses.
  • Reduce risks by building a team that can deliver: Every successful project is the result of a team effort. Getting the right Trade Partners on board, with adequate experience and a successful track record, is essential to completing your project in a cost-effective, timely, and safe manner.
  • Document and scope management: It is essential to keep track of submittals, change orders, progress reports, etc. Document management can seem daunting and often requires dedicated resources to keep everything up-to-date and organized. Adequately following and tracking the approval process for each of these items further complicates the task, but correctly performing this function is key to a successful project.
  • Creating and maintaining clear channels of communication and interactivity: Perhaps the most important of these project management basics is fostering good communication. Whether between the office and the work site, managers and workers, or the client and your team, clear communication is vital to the progression and overall success of your project.

Some of these project management basics may seem time-consuming or tedious, but they are absolutely necessary for the smooth completion of your work. Companies integrating meticulous project management see successful completion rates at nearly 40% higher than those that do not. Fortunately, we are living in an age where the right technology can streamline your project management and empower you to get the job done with a minimum of repetitive busywork.

Covering the Basics with BlackVector, Your Project Management Partner

If you want to achieve high-end project management in a fraction of the time, you can partner with technical experts who lead the field in project management software. And you don’t have to settle for a generic, one-size-fits-all solution — instead, you can address each of your project’s pain points with software tailored to the construction industry.

  • Setting achievable performance baselines: It all starts with the right estimate.  BlackVector’s intuitive, easy-to-use, and robust Estimating module simplifies this task.  With data analytics and metrics functions you can compare similar projects to validate your estimate and establish a realistic baseline. In Cost Control Management, BlackVector provides a Cost Performance Index and Earned Value calculation giving you early insight into your cost performance, so actions can be taken at the right moment to keep your project goals on track. 
  • Managing risk by choosing the right partners: BlackVector’s Trade Partner Management module empowers your team with the needed information to select the right trade partners for your job. Use the bid-leveling functionality to compare competing bids and the scorecard functionality to share trade partner performance feedback companywide. An adequate means of comparing bids and up to date feedback on trade partner’s past performance are needed tools for building a great team.
  • Document management: BlackVector’s Project Manager package includes modules for submittals, change orders, and progress reports that allow you to define a customized approval process for each function. Additionally, it includes dedicated dashboards for your trade partners and clients/project owners that consolidate all the relevant information in one place, allowing you to promote teamwork and a better information flow.
  • Maintaining communication: BlackVector helps you foster clearer communication by making project details available via the cloud. No more discrepancies between the office and the work site, as everyone is working off a single, seamless, and fully integrated solution that tracks all your relevant project information.

At BlackVector, we know construction inside and out. We’ve seen it all, and specifically developed our project management software to solve all your relevant issues in a single intuitive platform. When it comes to the basics, BlackVector delivers. From estimate to execution, we have the solutions you need to run a successful construction business. 

Request a demo today to see what BlackVector’s project management system can do for you. Streamline your company’s project management basics so that you can focus on the big picture and deliver quality, on-time work for your clients.

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