How the Right Technology Can Empower Your Construction Bidding

How the Right Technology Can Empower Your Construction Bidding

One of the most pronounced challenges in today’s construction game is undoubtedly the ability to stand out amongst your competition. And now, following the devastating and intensely disruptive impact of COVID-19, competition is fiercer than ever.

Across the board, our potential clients’ fiscal bottom line has been drastically impaired. This means smaller budgets, delayed projects, and less ability overall to hire teams such as yours to maintain, repair, or build their next envisioned project.

In 2020, building projects for non-residential clients alone went down a startling 20%. Meanwhile, there was a 40% drop in construction projects throughout the housing, industrial, and recreation/amusement arenas.

So, what does this mean for your ability to take on new projects? It means that construction bidding is becoming increasingly competitive. Indeed, despite the decline of building projects, the growth of new construction companies has gone up by 3% since 2020. So even though there’s less work to go around, construction firms are still pushing to expand their reach.

To stand out and win projects among this sea of other bidders, you’ll need every weapon in your arsenal to help you compose efficient, accurate, and frictionless construction bids. But if you’re using the wrong technology to create and deliver your bids, you’re probably struggling already to overcome counterproductive pain points in your bidding process.

Common Pain Points of Construction Software

We exist more and more in a digital world—a world whose core infrastructure is based in software. The construction industry is no exception. But many of the existing software tools used by construction firms are niche, siloed programs that cannot interface or integrate with one another. Unfortunately, relying on these ill-fitting software “solutions” can almost create more problems than they solve.

  • Project plans, budgets, and data must be manually re-entered from program to program, resulting in tedious and expensive hours of unnecessary labor.
  • Repeated manual data entry creates ample opportunity for human error, oversights, and data loss, affecting the accuracy of your planning and budget.
  • Important documentation is only accessible through certain computers, making it difficult to access—especially on-site.

When it comes to construction bidding, these pain points can quickly tank a promising project. To craft a bid that is thorough, accurate, and can be neatly transitioned into the build stage, these problems must be addressed and nipped in the bud early.

Fortunately, there are better technological solutions ready and able to help you streamline your construction bidding process and keep your company relevant.

BlackVector Empowers Your Construction Bidding

Construction is a unique industry and requires software and platforms that are custom-fit for your firm’s needs.

At BlackVector, we’re proud to be pushing progressively into the future of such technology, using our own background in construction to bridge cutting-edge software engineering with the real needs of the construction industry itself. To help overcome each of your administrative pain points, struggles, and delays, the modules of our one-of-a-kind construction software platform are built on a mix of technological expertise and ground-level, hardscrabble construction know-how.  

At BlackVector, we can offer you the ability to:

  • Deliver your competitive construction bids with detailed project specifications and budget breakdowns
  • Transition your successful construction bid directly into your workflow with no data loss or inconsistencies
  • Keep your project on-budget and bid-accurate, with a real-time understanding of your costs and project changes

At BlackVector, we’re on the constant lookout for what’s best, what’s next, and what’s going to work for you. From day one, our construction professionals have worked hand-in-hand with our system developers to find the best tailor-made construction bidding software solutions for your business.

Ready to experience construction software that understands and responds to your needs? Request a demo and see how BlackVector can optimize your enterprise’s construction bidding process today.

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