Black Vector A Heading For Profitability
Cloud-based platform you need to run a profitable construction business

The “cloud-based” platform you need to run a profitable construction business

BlackVector consolidates the functionalities you need!

Optimize your Project Management tasks, Collaborate with Trade Partners and Control Costs in a single robust platform.

Logical navigation through a series of dashboards makes it simple to use and highly intuitive.

Plan in detail and track “performance to plan” like never before.


Enables more effective planning

Pre-Construct integrates Budgeting, and Trade Partner Bidding - sharing detailed information across these functions and enabling accurate estimates.

Project Manager

A simpler way to handle all your project´s administrative tasks.

Create, track and share Submittals, Change Orders and Progress Reports.

Use Trade Partner Management to create and bid work packages, easily compare competing offers and award the work to the winning bidder.

Profit Manager

Gain early insight into cost performance through effortless EARNED VALUE MANAGEMENT (EVM)

Quit relying on inconsistent "Cost to Complete" forecasts and start focusing on real data by using Earned Value to gain better insight into cost performance on your projects.

V-Time (Electronic Punchtime)

Save time and improve resource management with Electronic Time and Attendance Tracking.

A tablet based clock-in / clock-out system with photo verification and cost code assignment, so you know where your resources are working.

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